Bootstrapped a hardware tech startup to disrupt recycling and failed.

About Sociallgreen

Sociallgreen adds fun to flat everyday recycling while offering organizations a way to reward green actions. Sociallgreen has been a Green-Tech Startup founded in 2012; they launched a concept new recycling approach for smart cities. Sociallgreen’s approach integrates game logic and social network theories to enable a unique physical recycling game.

Introducing Sociallgreen
Discussing with users

My role at Sociallgreen

Role? Is startup founder a role? I have never seen anyone hiring a Startup Founder 😅. Being the only business person in a group of young tech professionals has been really fun and creative. From 3 to 8 people and back to 3, I was mainly taking care of

  • New Product Development
  • Business operations & financial management
  • Marketing management & communications
  • Fundraising

Life at Sociallgreen

Founding a hardware startup to disrupt recycling wasn’t what I had in mind when planning my studies. However, it still feels like the best experience I could ever have. From Thessaloniki to Athens and back home, the failure was messy but the whole ordeal was a power boost for what was coming ahead.

Sneak peek
Sociallgreen Lab sneak peek

Team working
Dressing up a Prototype

Sociallgreen booth at Web Summit
Exhibiting at Web Summit 2013

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