In October 2015 we decided that we could no longer turn a blind eye to the ongoing refugee crisis.

About BorderHack

In 2015 alone, more than 500,000 refugees and migrants risked their lives crossing the sea to reach Europe. BorderHack is a game-changing hackathon weekend aimed to produce tech solutions to the many challenges that refugees faced along their journeys during the refugee crisis pick of 2015.

Creative Planning
Creative Planning.

My role at BorderHack

At the core organizers team of BorderHack, tried to connect teams with real refugee needs and host organization objectives.

  • Coding the Hackathon’s website
  • Hackathon Production & Program Management
  • Event & Logistics administration

BorderHack’s output

Around 20 local techies have created prototypes and ready to use solutions within a weekend.


An imformation sharing website that aggregates all donation points within a city for goods to be distributed at refugee fields.


Aims to match people who speak Arabic and Farsi with field volunteers in order to solve language translation and communication issues of refugees.


Volreach is a platform for sourcing demographic data for volunteers making recruiting in times of crisis feasible.

BorderHack moments

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Refugee Camp
Refugee Camp - Idomeni.

Teams working
Teams working.

At the field
Field visit.